Extend your reach with Contextual Access Control

Why Resilient?


The perfect storm of cloud, mobile and IoT is rapidly causing the traditional boundaries of organizations to melt away. To be successful, enterprises need to form connections, at scale, with entities beyond their perimeter. But how do you establish the trust required to share data, and to collaborate confidently with your customers, partners and suppliers? How can you be sure that you are allowing access to the correct parties?

Before Resilient your only option was an Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution that used centralized and provisioned identities as the root of trust. Establishing trust involved your IT department completing the resource-intensive tasks of provisioning and managing the lifecycle for each and every user. These error-prone processes simply do not scale and are preventing today’s enterprises from becoming truly connected.

Resilient Access™ is a policy-driven contextual access control solution for securely sharing data and connecting organizations. Our policy workflow engine discovers, organizes and resolves the information or attributes required to provide the context to make smarter access decisions. Resilient’s unique network-based architecture scales quickly to extend an organization’s reach across its entire ecosystem.

To learn more about establishing trust at scale be sure to contact us for a demo of Resilient Access in action.