Extend your enterprise-grade security to external users

Resilient Access™ for Box

Resilient Access works seamlessly with Box™ to enable granular security, strong authentication, and user lifecycle management for enhanced sharing and governance. (Download the data sheet.)

Our solution allows administrators to regain control by provisioning external users. Once provisioned, organizations have complete control over how their files and folders are accessed and shared. Features like MFA can be adjusted on the fly, with our simple drag-and-drop interface, and detailed file and user statistics are available on-demand.

Try us free for 30 days.  No credit card required. To begin visit us at the Box App Gallery.

Get Started in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Visit the Box App Store to add Resilient Access
  2. Select the Box folder to be secured and choose “Resilient Access” from the dropdown
  3. Choose a sharing option, either User Group or Shared Link
  4. The intended recipient is then sent a unique MFA-protected Shared Link via email
  5. The recipient must authenticate successfully before the protected folder can be accessed

Pricing – Contact us for a quote

You can create access policies comprised of both internal and external, free and paid custom services:

  • Internal authorities include connectors for your directories (AD, LDAP), OTP, databases (MySQL) and Web Services for authentication, authorization and identity attribute retrieval
  • External authorities include CAPTCHA, Phone, Email, Knowledge-Based, SMS, Voice, Google Authenticator and several mobile authentication products

We also include a free one-time, consultation with a Resilient security expert, who can advise you on how best to secure your Box documents.