Protect IoT Networks and Devices from Cyberattack

Resilient IoT Guardian™

IoT connected devices, from sensors to smartphones, continue to spawn new attack vectors, increasing liability for both manufacturers and service providers. Resilient and our partner, RunSafe Security, have jointly developed Resilient IoT Guardian, which embodies a new approach to defending infrastructure, networks, and data from cyberattacks.
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  • Hardens new and deployed devices remotely
  • Maintains existing source code/software; no modification required
  • Validates continuously the integrity of connected devices
  • Eliminates cross-device malware propagation
  • Enables full dynamic policy control of devices

Continuous Authentication and Dynamic White-listing

RunSafe Security uses a remotely deployable process that makes the binary files and memory on each device unique while retaining functional equivalence. This process creates a device-specific credential which enables Resilient Network Systems’ policy-driven contextual access control. The result is continuous authentication and dynamic mutual white-listing. Resilient IoT Guardian protects the privacy of customers’ transactions while securing IoT devices connected to existing networks.


How Resilient IoT Guardian Protects