Resilient Access™

Adapt to fading organizational boundaries

Enhance existing IAM and cyber-security investments

Safeguard your data with your access rules

Manage access, not more identities

Access Management is easy to implement for your own users, but what about external identities you don’t (or can’t) manage? To establish trust beyond your organization’s perimeter, your access management system must accommodate unique user roles and context. Resilient Access is a network-centric solution that enables true adaptive access management and policy enforcement using real-time workflows that ensure authorization rules are met for each user’s specific access request. Resilient interrogates multiple internal or external authoritative sources (e.g., identity, attributes, authorizations, entitlements, context) to resolve access rights based on the policies of all parties involved while protecting privacy and confidentiality. Resilient can also leverage your existing IAM tools to achieve true adaptive access management.

Architectural Benefits of Distributed Software


Capabilities include:

  • Standards-based and custom RESTful APIs for connecting authoritative sources and applications
  • A graphical UI for defining and managing policies based on a set of connected authorities
  • A distributed workflow technology to resolve policy conditions
  • Bi-directional policy enforcement
  • Support for Identity and Access Management standards (SAML, OAuth, XACML, etc.)

Deployment Steps:

  1. Select a resource to protect (data or application)
  2. Drag-and-drop wizard, with custom or pre-configured policies

Resilient’s distributed platform handles the rest automatically (dozens of possible permutations)

Technical Specifications





  • Eliminate the need to replicate and synchronize user accounts
  • Vary MFA to match user and context
  • Easily integrate custom authoritative sources
  • Deploy quickly with pre-built connectors and policy wizards